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Software Solutions

All the features you want, customised to your exact needs and wants. From simple web applications for your business to eCommerce website development and bespoke CRM systems, we can create the ideal solution.

software solutions

Skills & Technology

Expertise covering the breadth of the web.

The majority of our bespoke software development work is created using open source tools, with our developers comfortable using a number of technologies. For the more technically minded people, our developers regularly use PHP on top of the Laravel Framework for back-end work and Javascript with VueJs, React & NodeJs for front end.  Other technologies we use include Docker, MySQL, MariaDB, ElasticSearch and anything with an API we can integrate with. If you need help with something really obscure, don’t worry, we excel at mastering new technologies and recruit our staff for precisely this ability.

Support & Maintenance

Feel secure your software is in the right hands.

Understanding that varying budgets define how much can be committed to a support agreement, we offer a flexible approach to software support relationships, allowing you to choose the level of support you require and turn that support up and down as required. The majority of our clients, however, choose our ‘all inclusive’ package that covers all elements of hosting, software support and maintenance at a set annual charge, taking away the risk of supporting your own software whilst also capping on-going costs.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting, Backups & Disaster Recovery.

We utilise the ‘cloud computing’ services of all the 3 big main providers; Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

We always recommend hosting accounts are in your name and paid for by you directly.   We then manage the account on your behalf and will design and create the appropriate architecture for your solution.  This can range from high-availability, multi-server, multi-region solutions to more straight forward single server configurations.  We build to your budget, ensuring you have suitable backups in place with a clearly defined disaster recover plan.

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