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We develop bespoke software to your unique challenges, creating value & efficiency for your organisation.
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Software Solutions

All the features you want, customised to your exact needs and wants. From simple web applications for your business to eCommerce website development and bespoke CRM systems, we can create the ideal solution to strongly support your business case. Web development and mobile applications are as much a technical endeavour as they are a social one; focusing on the the purpose of a solution and working Agile we can provide our clients with software that responds efficiently to their needs.


Skills & Technology

The majority of our bespoke software development work is created using open source tools, with our developers comfortable using a large number of technologies. For the more technically minded people, our developers make extensive use of PHP (and Laravel) for back-end scripting and VueJs, React & NodeJs for front-end. Other technologies we use include Docker, MySQL, MariaDB, ElasticSearch and anything with an API we can integrate with. If you need help with something really obscure, don’t worry, we excel at mastering new technologies and recruit our staff for precisely this ability.


Support & Maintenance

Feel secure your software is in the right hands. Understanding that varying budgets define how much can be committed to a support agreement, we offer a flexible approach to software support relationships, allowing you to choose the level of support you require and turn that support up and down as required. The majority of our clients, however, choose our ‘all inclusive’ package that covers all elements of hosting, software support and maintenance at a set annual charge, taking away the risk of supporting your own software whilst also capping on-going costs.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting, Backups & Disaster Recovery. We employ ‘cloud computing’ services from all the 3 big main providers; Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

We always recommend hosting accounts are in your name and paid for by you directly.  We then manage the account on your behalf and will design and create the appropriate architecture for your solution. This can range from high-availability, multi-server, multi-region solutions to more straight forward single server configurations.  We build to your budget, ensuring you have suitable backups in place with a clearly defined disaster recover plan.

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Totally has demonstrated a commitment to building a strong working relationship with us – and this is highlighted by the personal involvement of senior staff members throughout the process.

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Examples of what we can build

CRMs & Database Solutions
Bespoke CRM and database solutions that help you understand your customers' behaviour, improve your ability to capture and convert leads, and enhance delivery, operations and customer service.
Volunteer Management Systems
Specifically tailored for an organisation or a specific event, we make it easy to recruit volunteers online, coordinate and manage volunteer opportunities, and communicate effectively with your volunteers.
Customised Reporting
Customised real-time statistics, snapshot summaries, detailed historical trends and in-depth reporting on business metrics, enabling you to make informed and necessary decisions with speed..
Intranets & Extranets
Intranets and extranets that are intuitive in design and structure, providing an effective tool for transforming internal communication, as well as furthering engagement with key organisational audiences.
Dashboards & User Interfaces
Tailored digital dashboards that plug straight into your business operations, giving you all the information you need at your fingertips in a way that’s easy to understand.
Fundraising Systems
Built for charities and not-for-profit organisations, Totally’s white-label, online fundraising software platform, Totally Giving, enables fundraisers to engage with their constituents and prospects without requiring them to leave their branded environment.
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"We love the wide variety of projects we get to work on as it keeps our minds stimulated. We won’t take on anything we don’t think we can deliver and we won’t take on anything that we don’t believe in."

Agile Software Development

Each pixel refined, every line of code considered.

We follow an ‘Agile’ development methodology in all of our projects, working in short sprints, validating our decisions and your requirements along the way. This allows us to de-risk your project, reduce the cost and, critically, rapidly achieve a solution that meets your businesses requirements. It requires a keen intuition to architect such a process, and is something we proudly embrace.



Do you offer ongoing technical support & maintenance?

Yes. Though we properly document the code and make it easy for any competent software company to take over from us once the solution is ready to be use, we believe we can offer the best possible technical support for the software we built, especially with a bespoke solution which we know intimately and can later adapt the client’s evolving needs. We also provide on-going technical support for the big 3 cloud hosting providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Understanding that varying budgets define how much can be committed to a support agreement, we offer a flexible approach to software support relationships, allowing you to choose the level of support you require and turn that support up and down as required.

Can you also host the web applications you build?

Yes. We can and have been doing this since the very beginning. We have dedicated resources to ensure everything related to hosting your web app is taken care of – speed, storage, backups, security, privacy and the rest. We can also work seamlessly with a number of providers and/or create the appropriate architecture for your solution whilst adhering to your organisation’s policies.

Can you integrate into 3rd party applications?

Yes. We can integrate your existing application with 3rd party APIs, develop bespoke business software that integrates securely and gracefully with existing 3rd party APIs or create APIs for your organisation to use with various services or custom solutions. We can integrate with thousands of well-known solutions, feel free to drop us a message for more details.

Where in London are you based?

Totally’s London office (and headquarters) is based in Kentish Town, in one of the Highgate Studios buildings. Or location is easily accessible by train, underground, overground, buses and personal transportation means for which we have a generous parking space and bicycle racks.

Do you develop bespoke solutions only?

In a way, yes. Bespoke software development is our bread and butter – we use frameworks like Laravel to build unique, perfectly-suited solutions for the most part – but we also employ a number of existing content management systems like WordPress and Drupal to craft beautiful websites with unique design and features. We don’t let technology define the limits of what we can build and we’re always happy to learn about new technologies when the situation requires it.

Is software quality assurance part of your workflow?

Yes. About 6% of our technical workforce is dedicated to quality assurance and software testing. We also perform regular automated tests – including pen tests – for all of our applications for which we offer on-going technical support. We want your software to be efficient, secure and reliable.

Are the websites you design SEO-friendly?

Yes. We believe in building solutions that adequately satisfy the purpose they’ve been built for and SEO is always a consideration when developing websites. We have an in-house team of search engine optimisation specialists that are consulted for every website we create.

Is it time to talk?

Whether you are kicking tyres or itching to get going we would be delighted to discuss your project with you.
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