Bespoke Web Portal Development

We can build internal or external portals, depending on your needs

A customer portal (or external portal), is essentially a platform that allows your clients to access certain services and assets, review agreements and project or work progress, securely share information and files, obtain direct access to key people of interest within your organisation, get online training and a lot more.

In contrast, an employee portal (or internal portal), is an organisation-centred platform where the workforce – especially remote workers – can communicate among themselves securely and privately, share business-sensitive assets, access training for a variety of tools or specialties and other services, as necessary.

Whether your organisation needs a custom-built online portal for its clients or its workforce, we have just the skills, the experience and the acumen to create the right portal with the right features to serve your business case perfectly.

How can a portal be useful for your business?

  • Enhance your team’s productivity
  • Provide security by safeguarding the transfer of data and separating functionality
  • Efficient collaboration between user subsets
  • A more personalised and improved customer experience

Non bespoke portals are often built into existing off-the-shelf systems and come laden with unnecessary features and functionality. With a bespoke portal you can ensure you only have the features you will use. As your business grows you can build on these features and requirements as you need them. As it’s designed to match your existing business processes, it will be intuitive to your staff or users and require minimal training.

Security considerations

One of the main features of any portal is being able to separate off functionality and allow particular users to view and only access what they need; particular screens, data or functionality. A portal will also prevent front-end users from accessing any administrative areas which need to be segregated.

  • Access to the portal can be secured by multi-factor authentication techniques and a location-based lockdown (e.g. your IP address)
  • Security can be enhanced by penetration testing. We recommend going with an independent third party penetration tester, which we can help source, but is directly employed by you the client

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Our Process

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Discover & Define

By understanding what makes your business unique we can translate your requirements into a coherent software programme.

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Our experienced in-house teams will deliver your project to its exact requirements.

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We can stabilise your current systems and then support and future proof your technology. We build long standing client relationships founded on transparency.