We’re not like every other software agency you’ve come across.

Ultimately, we are logical problem solvers on a quest for bigger and more complex challenges and experiences – we’re a bit obsessive about finding solutions!

Our key goal is to create value and efficiency for our clients giving them back time they didn’t have before. With our expertise and experience, coupled with our client’s vision, we genuinely believe, everything is possible.

Some of the key factors which we believe set us apart from our competitors and strongly positions us to deliver a best-in-class online proposition:

  • Everything in house – All project work be it design, development, testing or project management is carried out in house by our experienced team
  • Collaborative approach – We closely collaborate with our clients at every step; we involve as wide a range of relevant key stakeholders as much as possible in the decision-making process.
  • Continuity & risk mitigation – All the systems developed by Totally are built on popular and widely utilised Open Source technology. IP of all system developments are always ceded to clients but are supported continuously and effectively by our in-house teams.

We don’t rest until we get it right!

At Totally it is our vision to create a culture where we immerse ourselves in our client challenges and strive to develop our skills to become masters in our fields. We have exceptionally high standards and those who are a part of our team are self-motivated, passionate and proactive to develop their skills and grow in their role.

Being quite entrepreneurial there are always new opportunities either through new projects, clients or even through our own investments.