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We believe in the potential of bespoke technology to grow businesses.

Totally was started in 2000 by Toby, Ben and Andy, three entrepreneurs who genuinely believe anything is possible with the power of bespoke software. They doubled down on this philosophy in 2014 by taking the agency private.

Since then Totally has grown to more than double its size including an additional office opening in Barcelona in 2016.

Totally’s goal is to create value and efficiency for our commercial & not-for-profit clients giving them back time they didn’t have before. We genuinely believe that with our expertise and experience, coupled with our client’s visions, anything is possible.

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"We listen to each other, show empathy and involve everyone in how we move forward and improve.......When we think, you can almost hear us whir. This is what gives us our edge."


We’re proud of the fact we’re a little introverted, maybe a bit strange to some but when we think, you can almost hear us whir. This is what gives us our edge. As a family we want everyone who works here to feel challenged but also supported.  We listen to each other, show empathy and involve everyone in how we move forward and improve. Everyone comes at issues from the right place and that way we remain united.


Andy Margolis

Andy founded Totally at the turn of the new millennium, leading the company from a team of two to the thirty plus it is today. He has always been a strong advocate of the Agile Methodology, an approach which ensures we always deliver fit-for-purpose, cost-effective website and technology solutions. Andy is a keen swimmer and might have started moonlighting as an amateur triathlete in his spare time.


Alan 10

Toby is a managing partner along with Andy and Ben and heads up the totally.digital arm of the business. He joined in Totally's very first incarnation (back in its PLC days) in 2001, before becoming a director in 2009. His day to day role involves dealing with new business and overseeing SEO and digital marketing's clients. He is the (contested) office ping pong champion and a Spurs fan.



Ben joined Totally in 2000 and became managing director in 2012. Outside of work Ben has a keen interest in athletics, competing in British Masters Athletic Federation fixtures where he regularly crushes competitors more than twice his age.


Technical architect
Alan 9

Simon has risen through the ranks having been with Totally for 14 years. As well as helping out with dev-ops, Simon also gets other teams going on new projects by kicking off the initial architecture design, he also helps teams with ongoing projects and takes part key architectural decisions and coding standards. Simon is keen on fitness and enjoys daily swims and cycles 5.5 miles to work every day (apart from Friday which is pub day). He is also a massive Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan and has watched every Star Trek TNG, DS9 and Voyager episode (at least twice).


Technical architect

After studying History and Politics at university, a career in technology was not the obvious choice. But the world wide web was all a-happening back then and after a bit of freelancing Richard joined Totally in 2007. With a passion for vintage technology, electronics, real ales, artisan coffee - along with an interest in sports such as football, cricket and rugby league - he tries his best to reconcile these interests in a way that makes him acceptable to society.


Technical Architect
Alan 2

Ali joined Totally fresh out of university after graduating in Computer Science. He is now one our technical architects, spearheading upcoming and exciting projects. Ali keeps up to date with the latest trends of tech, finding new tools for everyone to use and claim it's the best next thing. Outside of work Ali is obsessed with electronic music.


Technical Architect
Alan 4

Originally from Spain, Jorge studied Superior Telecommunications Engineering in Seville and worked for an IT consultancy company, before moving to London and joining Totally in 2013 where he has progressed from support to become a Technical Architect.



Originally from Portugal, João came to London to study Computer Science with Games Programming and has since dedicated himself to learning web development. Now working at Totally, he hopes to spread compassion and proper workplace etiquette to all his peers.


Technical Project Manager
Alan 8

Sarah left the frozen north to study Computer Science at UCL, following which she worked in a variety of technical roles leading her to a career in technical project management, joining Totally in 2015. When Sarah's not project managing, she can be found studying for her MBA or playing with her dog Theo.


SEO Consultant
Alan 6

Originally from up't North, Rick moved to Totally in April 2014. Rick enjoys coffee, bikes, Google, beers, sport and the future. He rather optimistically believes he will live forever.


Content Marketing Manager
Alan 1

Heather joined Totally in 2014 and has nearly ten years' experience working across a range of digital marketing disciplines including copywriting, content marketing, social media, and online PR. As a result her speciality is digital strategy which she delivers for totally.digital’s clients. Outside the office she runs several times a week, dabbles in triathlons, and likes to refuel on southeast asian food (or anything with noodles).


Support Manager
Alan 18

Sara studied Foreign Languages and Art at Venice University in Italy. She has applied her knowledge of languages and art to various roles before starting at Totally, but currently, the part she enjoys most is keeping things well organised and talking to clients. Sara has a very creative spirit, in fact, she is an affirmed artist who enjoys painting in her studio and has exhibited her work all over the capital (as well as in the office!).


Senior Designer
Alan 13

Creative fiend, tattoo collector, mockney and part time Harry Hill impersonator (still available for bookings). Jim is a seasoned digital designer with over 13 years industry experience, seven of which were spent running his own agency. He drives the creative team at Totally, designing engaging digital products that work hard for our clients. He can be found trawling the streets of East London for new street art, relaxing with a cold craft beer or listening to a good heavy metal album.


UI/UX Designer
Alan 15

Carmen is a designer and illustrator with a flare for beautiful designed products. In the past decade she's lived and worked in America and Europe, and discovered that the world is a handkerchief. Futura & Bodoni lover, sci-fi & fantasy movies fan, Carmen has spent the last 30 years dreaming with a pair of self-lacing Nikes and flying DeLoreans. She's happy that at least one of them is real.  


Technical Project Manager
Alan 17

Totally's resident member of the Magic Circle who uses his prestidigitation skills to make problems disappear, confound and baffle developers, and amaze and dazzle clients.  Plus some technical stuff on the side.


Technical Project Manager
Alan 25

David cut his teeth in London's FinTech sector as a developer, business analyst and eventually settled on technical project management. After escaping the London City grind he enjoyed a brief respite down under before joining Totally in 2018. When not practising ancient Japanese fighting styles, or doting on his newly adopted cat he is dedicated to making our client's dreams come true!


Senior software developer
Alan 24

Gabriel is an Argentinean with Italian citizenship living in Barcelona and developing for the London's best software company. Cities/countries are like your tech stack, you need to choose the best ones to get the best results!


Senior Developer
Alan 26

Born in Valencia (Spain) at the tender age of 0 years old, Alan always loved the rainy weather and therefore felt in love with the islands on his Erasmus in Ireland. After working for some years in Madrid as developer he decided to try the luck of the Irish and move to London. He enjoys reading, videogames, tinkering and a cold beer with friends.


Application developer
Alan 21

Peter joined Totally in 2018. After graduating in Business Economics at university, he became passionate in web  development and computer science. He moved to London from Budapest in 2007. Apart from coding he is an enthusiastic motorbike rider and photographer


QA Tester
Alan 11

Nathan has over a decade of experience working as a QA in Government and Commercial sectors all over the UK. During his spare time he dedicates his time to promoting heavy metal music and is a host on TotalRock Radio.


Alan 16

Alex is a Full-stack developer with a passion for software development. He enjoys learning about cutting-edge technologies and following the best coding practices. Apart from a passion for technology, Alex enjoys working out at the gym, loves to travel around the world and explore new places!

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