Software Integrations

We can manage your system integration and bring disparate systems together

Often systems have developed in a piecemeal way with new software being bought in when a requirement has been identified. It is because of this that many businesses are operating a very complex processing system which is time consuming, inefficient and frustrating when systems don’t speak to one another.

What do we mean by ‘integrating’ software?

When software has been integrated it can give users the opportunity to

  • perform a continuous sequence of activities even though those activities are supported by two separate systems
  • use data across (multiple) different systems
  • allows you to access the functionalities of one or more systems on a single, different interface

Integrating software can be a huge chance to improve efficiencies as it reduces tasks such as manual inputting and switching between systems. When two or more systems ‘talk’ to each other effectively then it can offer improved visibility into business processes.

Real-world examples of software integrations

  • It could be something as simple as enabling another a third-party system to process payments on your website e.g. through Stripe
  • You might want your bespoke CRM system to talk to your email marketing software so that it allows you to automate certain segmentation practices
  • Or it could be more complex like building an API to allow data to be transferred, shared and saved from a piece of legacy software to a new interface or system. Our Share to Buy case study is a perfect example of this.

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If you have taken the first step and have realised that you need to integrate all your multiple operating systems into one, then you are already on the road to a more effective and streamlined way of working.

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