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Nearly 20 years of bespoke software development for clients all over the world
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Common verticals for custom software development

Bespoke Mobile Apps
Using tested technologies and practices, our developers can help you bring ideas to life by creating highly functional and great-looking mobile apps, to give a multi-platform, seamless experience to your customers and employees, across devices.
charity web design
Charity Web Design
Having worked with some of the best known charities in Australia, South Africa, the UK and worldwide, we have developed specialised knowledge in the charity sector. Some of the solutions we have developed for charities include presentation websites, bespoke CRMs and database systems.
Software Development
If you're looking for an experienced team of developers in London to create bespoke software with all the features you want, customised to your organisation's exact needs and wants, you've found it. From simple web applications to bespoke CRM systems, we can create that ideal solution.
magento development
eCommerce website design
High-quality bespoke eCommerce website development for all verticals. Whether we build a custom platform to satisfy strict requirements or use off-the-shelf software, like Magento, Woocommerce or Sylius, our our eCommerce websites are both user- and SEO-friendly.
Wordpress development
Wordpress website development
Wordpress is currently one of the most popular and easy to use open source content management systems out there. It's also one of the systems we're incredibly skilled at, having built a large variety of bespoke websites with it, anything from corporate presence to complex membership platforms.
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Web applications development
We have a brilliant track record of creating high-quality bespoke web applications for specific cases, using the latest technologies and tools to ensure you get the best of the modern web, both in terms of UI and especially in terms of performance and security.
Laravel development
Although we're fantastic at juggling numerous technologies and frameworks, having different people specialised on different skillsets, we truly excel at building amazing projects using Laravel.
Bespoke CRMs
One CRM can never rule them all, because each organisation has different needs and particularities. We understand the limitations and problems that organisations come up against, so we create unique, on-demand CRMs to overcome them.
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Bespoke portals
Whether your organisation needs a bespoke online portal for its customers or its workforce, we have the right skills, experience and the acumen to create the right portal with the right features to ideally suit your business case.
Crisis - Paul Smith

The software now enables the recruitment of large numbers of volunteers with a range of skills with ease. The speed of the background processing means that the impact on staff is significantly reduced and we are able to use the data collected to inform how the recruitment is progressing during the lead up to Christmas. 

Chris Freed

Volunteer Projects Manager, Crisis

Software that is agile

Why Choose Us?

At Totally we believe in the potential of technology to grow your business. Our passion for scalable tech means that we are always ready for a challenge and are obsessed with finding solutions.

Our number one goal is creating value and efficiency for you, giving you back the time you didn’t have before. Prioritising your aims and goals to better understand the right software solution is our first port of call. Our in-house developers have first-hand experience on different aspects of software development and responsive design that will be molded to fit you and your companies processes, not the other way around!

Why Bespoke?

Don’t let off-the-shelf limited options hold your company from reaching its full potential. Investing in custom services is a wise choice to make if you are to continue to grow.

Having all your data secured in your own software can minimise disruption to your service and give you complete control of changes and scalability. Keeping costs down is key to progress in the early stages of any business, If you’re paying for a service that caters for many, you’ll undoubtedly be paying for certain tools you don’t need. As every bespoke software is an ongoing development, our journey with you doesn’t end once the project is finished – we also ensure you have the right care and technical support.

Tech We Use

We are a leading agile software development company who specialises in building bespoke software. We’ve worked with many companies of varying size, so no matter if you are a startup or large organisation, we have the resources to cope with major projects and are still flexible to work with smaller, complex methods and systems. Our developers have worked on everything from custom CRM systems and customer portals to seamless front end designs.

Some of the technologies our developers and engineers work with are Laravel, Elasticsearch, Git and other front end frameworks like Vue.js and React. Whether it’s a new website build, bespoke WordPress projects or an E-commerce website design, we can make sure you get the solution you need.

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