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We use Laravel and other modern frameworks to create secure and beautiful web applications.
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Why Laravel?

Each software agency comes with its own priorities in terms of the tools, methodology and frameworks to build solutions. We have been using other PHP frameworks over our 20 years journey, like Zend Framework and CodeIgniter, but when it comes to how fast we can turn a good idea into a usable product or service, how secure is the service, its interoperability and performance, we have been won over by Laravel. And we are not a minority either, as Laravel is indeed one of the most popular frameworks out there for web developers who are building bespoke software.

With the use of Composer, NPM, the built-in template engine and the built-in command-line tool, Laravel can make wonders in the right hands.

I am a potential client – should I care about this?

If you are a potential or existing Totally client, this may be of interest to you from a business perspective. Having a web application built with Laravel can be a net positive for a number of reasons; it means that you get a better return of investment, cleaner and well-written code that’s easier to maintain, a more agile team that can respond quickly to unforseen twists, the interoperabuility of the end product, intuitive APIs and more.

Another aspect is the popularity of the framework and the available documentation. Should you decide in the future to sign with a different software company, Laravel-based solutions allow you freedom of movement, as you will find plenty who will cater to that and are able to take over without rebuilding from scratch, understand the project’s features and specifics as well as to implement changes where required.

There are many organisations that successfully employ Laravel to deliver incredible web products, but we are one of the best software development companies in London who has has worked intensively with Laravel, has constantly evolved in the 20 years since we’ve been around and demonstrated an excellent track record in adhering to the best practices in terms of security, PHP, database design and project management.

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