Partner with Us

Where your startup brings innovation to the table, we bring experience. Saying that, even after 20 years developing bespoke software and websites, we are still innovators ourselves; seeking out new technologies, testing solutions and learning new ways of developing software. Where we differ from new – and some might call “trendy” – operators is that we come with the added bonus of having been there, seen it, done it and got the t-shirt.


New projects and technical innovation

Maybe you have an idea. Maybe you have a brief. We’ve got years of shared experience, specialist technology expertise, plus that little bit of Totally magic that’s needed to bring your vision to life. If your technology is your venture, we can get an MVP up running quickly. Typically we’d start by capturing your requirements, begin wireframing and configuring the design, followed by a development and testing period until it’s live and ready to launch.

Software Project Rescue

You might not be at the start of your startup journey. If building your startup software hasn’t been quite as linear as you’d planned, we are still open to taking on an existing project in whatever shape it’s in as long as there is a clear long-term vision; we are believers in the bigger picture. We’ve taken on projects before that have not met quality expectations and brought them back to life.

Securing ‘Virtual IP’

Occasionally unforeseen situations can arise on your startup journey; relationships break down, you lose access to your developers, you get left high and dry. A difficult and concerning time where we can almost certainly step in. We’ll secure the technology, try and take on as much information as we can about the project, and get it working within an environment where you have access to all the components as quickly as possible. The emphasis being here to secure access to the code and data, lock out any third-parties that should no longer have access

Working with existing teams to help create scale

We recognise that hiring talent as a startup is often extremely difficult from a variety of perspectives, not least cost. How can you ever expect to scale if you don’t have people on the ground? Our solution is to offer our team as an extension of yours. In the past we have effectively amalgamated our developers with startups, helped them hire to upskill. We’ve also successfully augmented our technical project managers and CTO with startups to help plug gaps.

Are you ready to bring your ideas to life - we're here to help you!


Flexible charging models that share risk

We have always linked our own success to our clients’ success – which is why it is so important to us to deliver. For that reason we often work with new businesses on non-traditional payment models because we understand that cost and value for money are paramount.

  • Performance or results-based: The incentive to do well is a win-win for both parties
  • Fixed price project work: We can work to deliver the best value on to a set budget
  • Equity stake for further reduced rates: We like to call this sweat equity. Let us become your partner not just your supplier and offer reduced software development costs

What we can build

Our Services page gives a comprehensive overview of what we can build. Some recent projects include:

Custom software | Building and designing mobile apps | Websites | API development and integration | Design / UX / UI

Our Process

We listen to you, we listen to each other, we show empathy and involve everyone in how we move forward and improve. When we think, you can almost hear us whirring. This is what gives us our edge.

Discover & Define

By understanding what makes your business unique we can translate your requirements into a coherent software programme.

Design & Build

Our experienced in-house teams will deliver your project to its exact requirements.

Support & Partner

We can stabilise your current systems and then support and future proof your technology. We build long standing client relationships founded on transparency.