Services & our expertise

Our services

Since 2001, businesses of all sizes – and from an array of industries – have approached us with their own unique business and operational challenges and tasked us to build software to overcome them, as well as meeting the needs of their people and processes.

We excel at building bespoke software from scratch, integrating off-the-shelf with bespoke software to create custom solutions, or working with legacy systems that are complex and difficult to amalgamate or upgrade. We will help you define and translate your business requirements into a coherent bespoke software programme, even if you don’t know where to start.

Custom Software Development

We can customise your software to your exact requirements – meeting all your specific needs and developing a system that is individual to your business

Early Stage Innovation

If you can dream it, we can work with you to make it happen. Whatever ‘it’ might be.

Bespoke CRM

We can help you develop a unified system that gives you easy access to all the data you need to meet your specific business needs.

Software Integrations

We can manage your system integration and bring disparate systems to work seamlessly and securely together.

Cloud Hosting Support

We help design and create the appropriate architecture for you, ranging from high-availability, multi-server solutions to single server configurations.

Mobile Development

Our highly experienced team of developers uses progressive web app technology to create a seamless app experience, which is just as slick as your full site.

UX/UI Design

We can help develop user experiences that enrich and enliven the journeys of users across your websites and applications.

Web Design & Development

We have an incredibly talented team of in-house designers and developers and all projects are managed by technical project managers.

Software Consultancy

We want to become part of your team, listening to your requirements and getting right to the heart of what your business needs.

Bespoke Database Development

Enterprises have worked with us to develop bespoke database systems to support business-critical applications and processes.

Client Portal

We have just the skills, the experience and the acumen to create the right portal with the right features to serve your business case perfectly.

API Development and Integration

Enterprises small and large have worked with us to develop bespoke APIs, supporting business-critical applications and activities.