Cloud Hosting Support

Giving you guidance and support

We help design and create the appropriate architecture for your solution, ranging from high-availability, multi-server, multi-region solutions to more straightforward single-server configurations. We build to your budget, ensuring you have suitable backups in place with a clearly defined disaster recovery plan.

Cloud hosting basics

What is cloud hosting exactly? Instead of being hosted on a single server, cloud hosting makes use of the data storage and computing power resources of ‘the cloud’; interconnected servers which can be distributed over multiple locations and accessed remotely through the internet.

How our cloud hosting support service works

We use cloud computing services of all three of the main providers; Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

We recommend AWS for bespoke workflow software as it is robust, scalable and cost effective; however we are equally happy to use any alternative hosting as required. We will discuss your specific requirements and make recommendations based on this.

We always recommend that hosting accounts are in your name and paid for by you directly – so there is no doubt whatsoever over ownership. We then manage the account on your behalf for the duration of the Support and Maintenance contract.

Within the hosting package we will cater for potential disaster and recovery situations as well as daily backups of all data held within the system and database application.

All the servers we manage are constantly monitored. Totally is alerted when there is unexpected strain on a server and we can then take necessary steps to avert any problems.

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Advantages of cloud hosting

  • Scalable: we can expand and contract server requirements as is required
  • Flexible storage: we can change storage requirements and server setup at any time
  • Cost effective: If you need to upgrade you will only pay for what you use
  • Real-time backups and disaster recovery: You can access snapshots that are hourly/daily or monthly
  • Reliable: sites and applications are hosted on a network of servers which reduces downtime caused by hardware failure

Our Process

We listen to you, we listen to each other, we show empathy and involve everyone in how we move forward and improve. When we think, you can almost hear us whirring. This is what gives us our edge.

Discover & Define

By understanding what makes your business unique we can translate your requirements into a coherent software programme.

Design & Build

Our experienced in-house teams will deliver your project to its exact requirements.

Support & Partner

We can stabilise your current systems and then support and future proof your technology. We build long standing client relationships founded on transparency.