Software Rescue

Sometimes, through no fault of their own, things go wrong with a software project.

When this happens in the middle of a project it can be particularly frustrating; code has been written, systems architecture has been agreed, questions are being asked and necks are on the line.

Don’t panic! We can help and get you back on track. Almost all projects can be rescued.

Challenging circumstances

We’ve taken on projects which have experienced a variety of challenging circumstances – rest assured whatever predicament you’re in, we’ve probably seen it before.

  • Client – developer relationship breakdown
  • Existing developers have gone out of business
  • A poor quality or unfinished project
  • Software that doesn’t do what it is supposed to
  • Legacy software which is no longer supported
  • A project that has been left with no developer at the helm

Software rescue process

Although all circumstances are different this is typically the process we follow to rescue software projects.

Review: The aim initially is to get an understanding of how your system works as quickly as possible before we secure it. We’ll ask for any documentation you have, ask to be introduced to key people whether they be technical or business focused so that they can impart everything they know about the system to us. And we’ll review the code. This phase is about immersing ourselves in your system so we can put ourselves in the strongest possible position.

Takeover and secure: once we’re confident we understand what’s going on we’ll get it working in our own environment. Our developers can then start securing your software IP while simultaneously furthering their learning of the intricacies of your system.

Continuity: from here on it’s about the next steps you want to take, whether that be enhancing the system further, planning to replace it, or maintain the status quo while you try to find another supplier or developer.

Software rescue timeline

While we need initial recognition that we’re not going to be able to fix things as quickly as your old developers, this process of securing software is usually quicker than you think. Usually we’re talking about a number of days, where we can take over a system and be confident enough to support it going forward.

Why we’re happy to come to the rescue

Often developers and software agencies are reluctant to take over projects or work with anyone else’s code. It’s understandable – it can be fraught with potential pitfalls and can be a real challenge. So why, if it’s such a difficult process, do we do it?

Without wanting to sound too big headed, frankly we’re good at it. We understand it, we recognise it is a problem people are facing, and thanks to years of experience we’re willing to step up to the challenge.

Ultimately we can see the bigger picture where there are opportunities to cement long-term partnerships which are mutually beneficial. Relationships with our clients are forged on trust – and there’s never been a more credible way to build trust than successfully rescuing a software project.

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, we can help you out