We are there to support you. Once we deliver a bespoke software build, we don’t just disappear.

As with everything we do, we focus on what’s important for our clients – we’re here to support you. As such, we assume absolute responsibility for the entire operability of the implemented system as an integral part of our support contract and responsibilities.

As your business continues to evolve and grow, we will also be there to create a roadmap for future requirements, building and improving the system continuously, so that you can continue to scale.

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Types of support

Handover: We make sure there is a seamless transition into production and people using it. We’ll provide whatever support and training is required to ensure this happens and the software if used effectively. We can also manage any software integrations or adopt existing legacy systems, so everything connects in the way you expect it to.

Ongoing / BAU: We are there to provide ongoing support or what we call ‘Business as Usual’ support. This means we are on hand to maintain, repair or improve your product. Many of our clients don’t have the in-house capabilities to manage this themselves, so they find it reassuring that we are only a phone call away. Many see us as an extension of their own teams. This not only covers our delivered software, but includes server management activities including security patches, as well as full disaster / recovery and backups.

Legacy support and refactoring: Sometimes refactoring is required, should the system become not fit for purpose, in which case we will go into rescue mode, where we will stabilise your current infrastructure whilst developing you a system that can deliver for the future.


Sara is our dedicated Support Manager and has been since 2018. She works closely with our clients and developers to ensure that support issues are dealt with and prioritised.

Our Process

We listen to you, we listen to each other, we show empathy and involve everyone in how we move forward and improve. When we think, you can almost hear us whirring. This is what gives us our edge.

Discover & Define

By understanding what makes your business unique we can translate your requirements into a coherent software programme.

Design & Build

Our experienced in-house teams will deliver your project to its exact requirements.

Support & Partner

We can stabilise your current systems and then support and future proof your technology. We build long standing client relationships founded on transparency.