A global employee assessment tool for Fortune 500 companies

Genpact is a global professional services firm delivering digital transformation for Global Fortune 500 companies.  Because of their scale, many of these large organisations don’t know the true skillsets of their employees and Genpact were physically visiting these companies to consult, which was extremely time consuming and expensive.

Genpact decided it was time for these companies to start taking their own responsibility and turn what they do into a self-managed process for employers. This would help their clients recognise where strands of the business are over performing or underperforming, so they could provide more valuable consultancy services.

The existing process was not scalable, so they needed a system to ensure that companies are keeping their staff happy, fulfilled in their career and on the right career path. A system that can quickly identify good leaders and bad leaders, potential leavers and essentially good people but in the wrong roles.  The project needed to be turned around rapidly in a short time scale and they asked us to build the system within three to six months.


They provided us with clickable UX wireframes, which at the time seemed to be a very good prototype, however we spent considerable time challenging them and understanding the user journey from an employee and employer perspective.

The client was very involved in this project and it was important we broke the project management up into sprints so we could make lots of edits to the design as we went.  Because of the demands of the business wanting to hit a three-month deadline, we divided the build into two phases.  The first phase was about ensuring the system could deliver the assessments, whereas the second phase was focused around visualising the data to analyse it.  We have seen builds like this take three years but due to collaboration and a focused, autonomous client team, we were able to move quickly.

We created a platform called the procurement/capability academy. A platform they’re able to white label to their clients, which allows employers to carry out their own capability assessments.   It has a template structure of an assessment, which can be customised and adapted for different organisations including different hierarchies/structures, teams, capabilities, and skill levels within the business.  It can even be branded to the client’s visual identity. Employees can grade themselves, submit to line managers and once signed off, these can be shared with the Board.  From these assessments each individual receives a data visualisation of their performance and a career roadmap so they can see how they would match to other roles within the company and a development plan so they can figure out how to improve in the areas they underperformed in. You can see all data in real time and log in to track updates and add evidence of your improvements; and you can also save the process and go back at any time.  The Board can run analysis of individual or team performance, even comparing departments and looking at pay grades.


We delivered the first phase well within the time frame and the client was so happy, they decided to pilot the system, running it as a real assessment at Genpact, and rolling it out to around 40 clients.  They were particularly impressed with the front-end design and our project management skills.

Moving forward, we are now discussing ongoing deployment and supporting the system.  We’ll also be in charge of deployment for each client, which was extremely important to them.