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Bespoke Wordpress websites and platforms: online shops, CRMs, job boards, custom plugins and more.  
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Wordpress plugins development
Bespoke Wordpress plugins development, to respond to specific organisational or client needs and extend the capabilities of a Wordpress platform well beyond the default. We can build anything from analytics reporting, to custom logins, user management etc.
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Wordpress theme development
Wordpress themes and customisations developed to satisfy specific technical and UX/UI requirements and with responsible considerations for security, user privacy, search engine optimisation, ease of platform administration for marketers and webmasters, and more.
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Complete Wordpress website development
Setting up a Wordpress blog is notoriously easy, but creating a complex website that is efficient, secure and built to work with a large user or content database is an entirely different beast. We learn and understand your requirements and build a unique solution for you.
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Wordpress migration services
Migrating your large corporate website from a well-known or a custom-made CMS to Wordpress can prove to be quite a challenge, both from a technical perspective (databases, language incompatibility) and with respect to content & privacy (content format, meta data, GDPR, internal linking etc.).
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Wordpress hosting & technical support
We have been proving hosting, technical support and maintenance services for Wordpress platforms for over a decade, to a host of high profile clients. We take pride in delivering exceptional services in this sense and our experienced technical project managers will make your life easy.
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Wordpress integration services
We are especially well-versed in PHP and relational databases, having successfully delivered complex integration projects that involved Wordpress and third-party systems, services and APIs, like CRMS, ERPs, POS systems, eCommerce etc.

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