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Software Development
Software Development
We create software solutions that can perfectly fit your organisation's unique challenges, creating value & efficiency. Using the collaborative and iterative Agile Methodology we will LEAD you on your DIGITAL JOURNEY whilst remaining delivery focused at all times, to deliver software on time, on budget and on specification.
Web App Development
We have delivered many highly designed portals, dashboards, workflow systems, administration systems and other web-based software across multiple sectors including Property; Finance; Government, Charity; Education; Health; Risk Assessment, Football and Online Betting.
mobile apps
Bespoke Mobile Apps
By using both tried and tested as well as the latest available mobile-friendly technologies, we have delivered mobile apps to the Health sector, Fire Risk Assessment, online betting sector to deliver highly functional and stunning-looking mobile apps as well as delivering an award-winning innovative dating app.
System Integrations
Nowadays it is almost impossible not to have to do some level of system integration when building bespoke software. Whether you have an old, legacy system you need to hook into or a modern, API driven platform we have many years experience helping clients bring different types of disparate systems together.
technical support
On-going Support
Understanding that varying budgets define how much can be committed to a support agreement, we offer a flexible approach to software support relationships, allowing you to choose the level of support you require and turn that support up and down as required.
cloud services
Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
We utilise the ‘cloud computing’ services of all the 3 big main providers; Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Cloud and Microsoft Azure. We help design and create the appropriate architecture for your solution, ranging from high-availability, multi-server, multi-region solutions to more straight forward single server configurations.
Further Development & BAU
Going live is only the start of your journey with us. We offer different options to suit your budget for the continued development of your software, from multi-person dedicated teams to ad-hoc project work. We can also help grow your own in-house team for the future.
APIs & Microservices
Our favourite software architecture involves building everything using APIs from the ground-up. This allows us to work with varying technologies when building different types of user interfaces such as mobile apps and web as well as allowing for easier integration with 3rd party systems.
UX & User Interface Design
We can help craft user experiences that enrich an enliven the journeys of customers and users across websites and applications. Attention to detail is of supreme importance but so the ability to appreciate the macro level and big picture. Results are driven through excellent design thinking and execution.
Crisis - Paul Smith

The software now enables the recruitment of large numbers of volunteers with a range of skills with ease. The speed of the background processing means that the impact on staff is significantly reduced and we are able to use the data collected to inform how the recruitment is progressing during the lead up to Christmas. 

Chris Freed

Volunteer Projects Manager, Crisis

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