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Start Up Loans

The big rescue mission to stabilise the UK’s start up economy


Start Up Loans (British Business Bank) wanted to accelerate their growth and scale to reach the Government’s quota for new startup businesses in the UK, but to do so they had to improve their existing technology. Their custom-built CRM system was outdated and they also had important integrations with the delivery partners who bring in the loans, which were failing.

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At a time when Start Up Loans needed to grow, we rescued them by offering a safe pair of hands when the client had been let down and needed us most. We gave them security, safety and stability within a month, allowing the company to continue scaling their operation.

Due to a high staff turnover from when we started working with them and a lack of in-house technology capabilities, we have been their strongest continuity, in terms of their IP and understanding how to use the system. This makes us an integral part of their ability to deliver.

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