We create and execute SEO and content strategies that deliver impactful business goals and quality leads
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We’re a close-knit team of specialists who work rigorously and systematically. We like working with brands and businesses that are as ambitious as we are.

Software Development
Organic search provides a fundamental and valuable source of traffic, and when done right, it brings in the most qualified leads. With a strong SEO strategy you can cast your net wide - increasing your visibility in search engines and bringing in more of the kind of quality traffic which converts (and that you can scale). As a channel, SEO requires a decent investment of time, but in the long term it is extremely cost-effective and sustainable. We have a proven track record in delivering impressive results in some seriously competitive niches.
Technical SEO Audits
Our rigorous SEO audits provide you with an in depth report of what exactly is going on under the hood. Every website has its own set of problems, which means there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fixing them; a technical audit will however reveal exactly what needs to be done. Ensuring your website is technically perfect creates a solid foundation for further digital marketing activities. After the completion of the analysis, we can implement any required actions or we are able to support your in-house team.
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SEO Strategy
We provide a clear vision of what goals you need to hit, and the process we’re going to take in order to hit them. A clear strategy will investigate your audience or information about your customer; analyse your competitors; product demand and your current visibility in search.
Content Marketing
Building engagement with targeted audiences of potential customers through social media and content is our bread and butter. We are well practised in creating, publishing and distributing content, generating earned media and links, and growing your brand’s credibility and authority.
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Content Strategy
Before embarking on any kind of content creation we look at your specific business objectives. From that we are able to produce a high-level vision which will inform and guide the creation of content to deliver said objectives. We have a great deal of experience in devising strategies for a range of clients and business objectives. Most recently, we’ve developed strategies for personal finance, insurance, and commercial finance.
Creative Content
Anyone can regurgitate a blogpost but unfortunately that won’t cut it. The material (content) you put out needs to be unique, inventive, innovative, and intelligent. Not only does the content of the content have to be spot on - how that information is displayed and the way the two marry is fundamental to making a success. We work with you to develop content which can inspire and build engagement, and earn coverage and links. Fundamentally we understand what makes people click.
Consulting and Training
We completely recognise there is strength in having your own people action and work on campaigns. It is also more cost effective. We have a wealth of knowledge that we can impart to assist the growth and development of the skills in your in-house team. All our services can be delivered on a consultancy basis, again with the proper accompanying training or handover.

CCgroup has worked with Totally for over 5 years resulting in SEO driving between 50% – 65% of all new business leads. Totally took the time to understand our often complex industry and continually review our strategy to make improvements and drive new leads in the developing markets we are moving into.


Rose Chapman, Marketing Manager

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