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Our in-house team can rescue your unsupported software, stabilise the ship and continue its ongoing growth.

Once we deliver a bespoke software build we don’t just disappear. We make sure there is a seamless transition into production and people actually using it. We’ll provide whatever support and training is required to ensure this happens and the software if used effectively. We can also manage any software integrations or adopt existing legacy systems so everything connects in the way you expect it to.

Ongoing, we are there to provide what we call ‘Business as Usual’ support. This means we are on hand to maintain, repair or improve your product. Many of our clients don’t have the in-house capabilities to manage this themselves, so they find it reassuring that we are only a phone call away. Many see us as an extension of their own teams.

As your business continues to evolve and grow, we will also be there to create you a roadmap for future requirements, building and improving the system continuously, so that you can continue to scale. Sometimes refactoring is required, should the system become not fit for purpose, in which case we will go into rescue mode, where will we stabilise your current infrastructure whilst developing you a system that can deliver for the future.

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Is your technology disparate and maintained by multiple different parties?

Often systems have been in place so long that people don’t know who manages them and due to neglect, they are no longer ‘talking’ to each other. This is common territory for us, whereby we will help you identify who we need to collaborate with and work to connect these technologies so that your business can function in the way you would like it to.

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Is your technology out of date an not supported effectively?

Sometimes we provide a ‘rescue mission’ where we will stabilise a legacy system so that we can focus on your new requirements. We spend our lives dedicated to exploring new technology, frameworks, development languages etc. so you can be rest assured we are experts in our fields and we’ll provide you the optimum solution for you challenge.

Are you unsure where your data is held? Is it secure?

With new GDDR data legislation coming into place, data security has been at the forefront of many people’s attention.

Do you require ongoing development of your existing software systems?

As your business continues to grow and evolve, you’ll need to ensure your systems keep pace with you, so that they enable and not hinder. We can be there to support you to advise on new technologies and the best time to make changes to your current set up.

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