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We will translate your business requirements into a coherent business programme, even if you’re not sure what you want.

We get approached by businesses of all sizes with very specific requirements or broad ideas that need technical input and expertise. Our job is to help you define your objectives, scope the solution and show you the most practical and efficient route to get you there.

People look to bespoke software solutions because they are looking to scale a business or make it more efficient and, ultimately, profitable. Sometimes this could revolve around protecting your IP, transforming internal processes to make them more efficient, or updating and integrating old legacy systems into new ones. Ideally, we want to build you a robust system which can be the springboard to your business growth. Not only we will strive to develop a carefully considered bespoke technical solution for you, we will also create a reasonable roadmap to get you there – considering deadlines, human resources, budgets and technical constraints.

Have you got an idea you want to bring to life?

Have you got an idea you want to bring to life?

New startups often have great visionary entrepreneurs but not necessarily the technical capabilities or experience to bring them to life. Whether it’s a crazy dream you’ve had or an idea you’ve been itching to realise, we can help you ask the all important questions that will determine your success. We also have the experience to steer you through the stormy passage that awaits you.

Discover & Define. 6

Do you need clarity to develop your brief?

If you’ve managed to get your ideas down on paper, that’s a great start. Quite quickly, we’ll be able to identify the gaps that we determine whether you sink or swim. There are many ways to skin a cat and our job will be to ensure you make the best business critical decisions so you can take practical next steps.

Are you trying to protect your IP and what makes you unique?

Most of the time, the idea behind your business is the IP and this is what needs protecting to ensure it’s value stays with you and away from competitors. Sometimes people miss what their IP actually is by focusing on the wrong thing. We’ll work with you to establish what makes you special so you can scale it.

Are your development team lacking the experience you require?

In some instances you may have some development skills in-house that have got you to where you are now but you’re lacking the expertise to take you to the next stage. It’s not just technical skills, it’s also our experience that could prove invaluable to you. We’ve learnt from our mistakes and successes over the past 20 years and that is a wealth of knowledge we can impart onto you.

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Do you need funding and support?

Being quite entrepreneurial ourselves, means if we believe in your idea and it’s something we can get passionate about, we may be interested in investing our time and money for an equity return. We can also other benefits like office space and sweets! Watch out for the Totally Accelerator being launched in the future, which will be our mini version of Dragon’s Den!

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Whether you are kicking tyres or itching to get going we would be delighted to discuss your project with you.
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