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Has your off-the-shelf software reached its limits

Off-the-shelf is great but as you may have found out, it has its limitations. You might have some great ideas or think, “could you imagine if we could…?” or “why can’t it just do…?”. Well the answer is, you can do all those things but you need someone to build it for you. The investment is worthwhile now as it could have dramatic cost and time savings to you in the future by automatic laborious tasks.

Design & Build.

Do you need to build your software around your own internal processes?

Ultimately you need to made a decision as to whether you fit your processes around the software of whether you take control and fit the software around you. If you are trying to scale and you think there’s smarter and quicker ways of doing things, then you’re probably ready to explore bespoke software. It also could be a hybrid solution, we don’t necessarily have to start from scratch.

Are you wasting money through lack of efficiency?

Every time Dave from operations has to open a letter, cross-reference the name against a spreadsheet, highlight the relevant information, scan it in and then email it to Janine in finance to go into the database and edit the profile; you’ve wasted an incredible amount of time and money. There are probably processes you take for granted and accept that’s just how they’re done; but they don’t have to be. There is a much more efficient way! And think what you could do with all the extra time…

Are you still using spreadsheets and need to make data management and interactions easier and simpler?

Human error is an unavoidable reality but over time we have used the potential of technology to minimise them and make us much more efficient and consistent. Of course spreadsheets work, but why spend two hours doing something that could be done in minutes, or running a process that takes nine people down to one. It’s time to invest in yourself to give you a fighting chance of fending off competition.

Design & Build. 2

Are you looking to scale?

The systems we implement are designed to help you scale. By giving you back lost time, you can spend that time on new and more profitable tasks. We also can create a system that is easily replicable across regions or departments and is easy to adopt internally. This means you can expand your operations much quicker than you may have thought.


Crisis - Paul Smith

The software now enables the recruitment of large numbers of volunteers with a range of skills with ease. The speed of the background processing means that the impact on staff is significantly reduced and we are able to use the data collected to inform how the recruitment is progressing during the lead up to Christmas. 

Chris Freed

Volunteer Projects Manager, Crisis

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