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Delivering a SAAS product for HR innovation for a fortune 500 company

The Challenge.

Genpact is a global professional services firm with over 80,000 employees worldwide, delivering digital transformation for Fortune 500 companies. As part of their many service offerings they help their clients manage and improve their HR processes; specifically, around managing staff performance reviews, developing career ladders, defining training pathways, statistical analysis but most of all, large organisations not knowing the true skillsets of their employees.

Genpact recognised the need for a bespoke software solution in the form of a SAAS product which would completely computerise their and their clients current manual HR process transformation services by introducing self-management, introducing scalability and give real-time access to Management Information. This would offer a cost-effective service to Genpact’s clients as well as generating significant additional revenues for themselves.

The project needed to be implemented within a short time scale and we were given 3 months to implement an MVP and 6 months to implement the full product.

Genpact had a large and capable in-house development team, however, as with many large-scale organisations, there was a long lead in-time for new developments to get on the roadmap. To hit deadlines and to start generating the projected revenues, Genpact facilitated an open tender, looking for an on-shore development partner, ideally London-based who could undertake the project expediently, with a reputation of delivering projects on-time, on specification, and was comparable to the cost of what the budget was for an in-house build.

Our Work

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