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Bespoke Volunteer Application & Management Portal

The Challenge

Crisis, the national charity for homeless people, appointed Totally to build them a bespoke volunteer application management system to get themselves ready for their big Christmas event.  Previously, everything had been paper based, so it was incredibly inefficient on time and staff. They had tried off-the-shelf solutions, that failed to deliver their vision, so we had a short time frame to build a very complex system, with very little room for error.  We were confident that a logical approach would deliver the best solution for this incredibly good cause.

Crisis - Paul Smith

The software now enables the recruitment of large numbers of volunteers with a range of skills with ease. The speed of the background processing means that the impact on staff is significantly reduced and we are able to use the data collected to inform how the recruitment is progressing during the lead up to Christmas. 

Chris Freed

Volunteer Projects Manager, Crisis
  • Crisis.


Having this robust system in place has enabled Crisis to scale from being just London based to launching in five cities across the UK. By putting the onus on the end user, it made them incredibly more efficient and the solution phenomenally more cost effective.

Since their initial investment, minimal budget has been required each year to maintain it.

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